Anyone heard of the WOD Box?

Hello all!!!

My apologies for being MIA the last few weeks.  Have personal issues going on and on top of that, my computer is literally falling apart (it’s a very cheap, and  I mean CHEAP Toshiba).  Luckily, I was able to sort of fix it enough to turn on my computer to be able to do a quick review on this weird product, or should I say samples from a company called  They are like all those other sample subscription companies out there, except this company is focused on health & workout samples.  I signed up for March, and a couple weeks later, I have finally received the little bugger!


Introducing the wee WOD box 🙂


Like funky cookies?  Try Caveman!

First up, is the Caveman Cookie!  My initial impression of this product; very small and light.  I figured it wouldn’t be too bad, so I took a quick bite and it was super chewy.  Not a bad flavor though! Don’t expect a lot of sugary sweetness!


Looking for a pick-me-up AND a refreshing breath?

Next, Viter Energy Mints.  A small canister of some super powerful mint packed with the punch of B-vitamins!  I popped one of them in my mouth, and yes, your breath gets instantly minty.  I am not sure though on the b-vitamin kick-in yet.  Maybe a couple more? 🙂


OOO, want some sweet perterter cherps?!

Yes, I am very aware that I have spelled sweet potato chips wrong… just pronounce and say it out loud to get a kick out of it :).  I haven’t tried sweet perterter cherps, and wouldn’t believe I ever would until it was shipped in the WOD box.  They are fresh ‘n crispy, and you can barely tell the difference between a regular chip vs. a sweet potato chip.  They are sweet and remind me of Lays barbecue potato chips.


Need to get rid of the zesty sweat smell you have lingering in your gym bag or locker?

I have to say, the WOD Welder is the one thing I have been needing for a long time for my gym bag.  My bag usually is in my vehicle ready to go to the rec center, but I always wanted something to get rid of that weird funk smell.  I sprayed my bag and my shoes with this and it’s not overly potent and has a pleasant smell of mint and eucalyptus.


SWSH Apparel; nice lightweight shirt to add to my workout wardrobe!

I am a t-shirt kinda workout girl.  When I am at the rec center, I don’t like to show off my body… mainly because I am a little whale with a body under construction ;).  This shirt has a soft and light texture.  Check out SWSH Apparel!

That’s it for this month’s WOD box!  The subscription I did was the $21 and some-odd-cent per month.  Overall, I think I have received some interesting samples and I will certainly be using that odor spray!


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