I apologize for not being able to post for quite some time.  My very cheap laptop, a Toshiba that was purchased during Black Friday, had officially fell apart.  I recently purchased another PC, but this time, a bigger and ultra-fast PC for several other purposes.  There will be more to come on that!

Thus far, I have been insanely busy from work trying to be the cost tracker for our facility/plant shut down.  With that being said, it has taken me away from ultimately doing this blog, and what I have intended to do with it.  I will try my best to make time for both worlds until probably after August.  That will be the time I will have freedom (HOPEFULLY… that is my personal deadline).  Sometimes, you have to plan for your own deadlines to get somewhere in life!

Alongside from feeling like I am going to pull my hair out, I have been sticking to my goals of becoming more fit.  I finished the Charlie Mike program that is on www.bodybuilding.com #bodybuilding.   Did I see a huge transformation?  No, not really.  That was mostly my fault because it allowed me to be introduced to the world of ACTUAL weight lifting.  Not those dingy little weights you see people use in exercise videos.  I am talking about 15 lb-20lb starting.  For me, that was challenging!  Keep in mind I am a female… I know men out there are laughing, “GEES, I CAN LIFT 20 LBS. WITH MY PINKY!”.  I am proud of you sir… very proud… but some little chickens gotta start somewhere.  I could see the strength difference from when I first started to the end of the 37 day program.  My endurance also went up because of all the cardio that is implemented into the program.

Now, I have entered the Still In It 8 week challenge from bodybuilding.  It has only been a week, and it’s given me insane sore muscles.  I actually had to take a break from it because my body was getting pretty exhausted.  I have to figure out how to fix that with some sort of BCAAs.  Once again, it’s full of strengthening and it’s not for those who aren’t willing to push it a little more each time.  It can be super exhausting if you are not prepared for it.  I will keep everyone tuned into this program more because it’s a lengthier program.  I did post before pictures of myself on Bodyspace (and you definitely have to jump out of your comfort zone with this… you gotta show your chunkiness :] )  You can also go onto Bodyspace and find my profile, although it’s killing me that people can see my chunk, casimz1986.  I am also on instagram,everyone!!!  I’m manakahacasi on there.  I will post progress pictures on there as well.  Feel free to add me on there!

So everyone out there, happy Tuesday, and I promise I will be BAWWWWWK (Arnold voice).


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