Slight Change up!

Hellooooo to all!

I have been MIA AGAIN!  Yes, excuses, everyone has them!  The last few months have been trying at my work because I had the “honor” to do the cost tracking for an entire plant shut down.  Let me tell you, it was NOT FUN.  It was by far the most stressful I had ever been with work.

Which leads me to what I plan for my site.  I have come across a couple great opportunities in the last month, and I can’t WAIT to apply the new tools I have been learning with my site, and as well as marketing on Facebook.  Pretty much I am going to be “under construction” until I fully grasp all the training needed to launch off into what I feel would be a huge, positive JOURNEY.

At first, I wanted to focus on a niche that I was familiar with, which was exercising, but I feel like there is TONS of sites and advertising for that already.  Also, with the high increase of stress at work, I slacked on my exercise regime!  It’s awful what an insane amount of stress does to a person.

I WANT to change that.  MORE THAN EVER!!!  It’s time for me to pursue my own goals and my own life away from what others expect of me.

It’s time to revamp my site, change the feel of it and get back into crushing my goals and attaining my dreams!

Stay tuned!  Hope you also enjoy my pier picture from when I went to California a couple weeks ago!  The beach is my soul!

Also, if you haven’t please follow me on Facebook, I have my own page: Casi Zamudio







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