Tincture of Positivity


Alloooo Everyone!

It’s already 9PM my time, but I felt a zest of inspiration to write a blog before I go to bed.  Well, I should say TRY to go to bed.  Every night it’s pretty rough because I don’t want to have to make the 30 minute/ 33 mile drive commute to work at 6:20 AM. I would rather wake up on Casi time! 🙂

I wanted to share with you something I had been thinking heavily about the last few days and what made me think about it was coming across the video, The Abundance Factor.   It was created by a funny fellow named Riley Dayne and he takes you on a journey to trying to find the meaning of abundance.

Anyhow to cut the story way short because the video has so much aspects to think about there is one particular person he interviewed, Dr. Bruce Lipton, a Stem Cell Biologist.  Here’s an excerpt from his interview:

“When I look in the mirror and I see myself, I see one organism looking back. I say, “Yeah, that one human being, Bruce Lipton.” I go, “Misperception,” for simple fact. You are not a one thing. You’re made out of 50 trillion cells. The cells are the living entity, so what’s the simple point? I’m a skin-covered Petri dish with 50 trillion cells inside.

I say, “Well, is it the genes that control my biology?” I go, “No, no. The culture medium.”

I say, “In the body, the culture medium is blood.” Then I say, “Oh, then the chemistry of the blood controls the behavior and genetics of the cells.”

I go, “Yes.” Then, of course, the next most important question is “Who controls the chemistry of the blood? I go, “Ah, the brain controls it.” Then I say, “Yeah, but what chemistry should the brain release?” I go, “What vision do you have in your mind? What perception do you have of life?”  (Source: The Abundance Factor Movie)

Bruce goes on to talk about the chemicals the brain gives to our body when we experience love and also when we experience fear itself.  He explained if you were to put the chemicals of fear, inflammatory agents, that were released into a dish with cells, they would ultimately die.

He goes on to explain that when people go and experience happiness, joy, love, it helps create a medium that encourages growth.    When you think about it, our cells are pretty dang amazing and very versatile!

So as you see, knowing that cells can die just from constant fear, or from constant negativity that don’t do your mind any good, in the long run don’t do ANYTHING for your body.  More or less, you are deteriorating but not really realizing it until you are at the doctor begging for anti-depressants and/or you are at the doctors because you have a serious illness!!!

OKAY Casi, what you are you getting at with all this weird biological babble?  After listening to Mr. Bruce Lipton and his studies and experimenting with cells, it’s a no brainer that to nourish your body, you want to take the steps to creating a positive environment for your outside world as well as having a positive mind.

Here are a few things that help me create a positive zest for me most of the time! 🙂

  • Get outside!  If you are not really active, and you are a vampire living in a cave, I am betting that alone is not doing you any good.   During the spring, summer, and fall, I try to spend as MUCH time as I can outdoors. I love being outdoors!  It helps create a very zen vibe within me after I go for a hike, walk, or even when I go running.  If you still prefer to be an indoorsy person, at least take a book/magazine outside and relax.   BELIEVE IT OR NOT, there is Seasonal Affective Disorder AKA SAD (HAHA… the pun… so punny…), if you don’t get enough sun it can lead to some serious depression.  So why not get it out, get some sun, and suck in those happy sun beams to charge you up!
  • Start Connecting with other POSITIVE PEOPLE!  Ok, now you really can’t be a vampire.  Yes, it’s good to spend time with yourself, but it’s also very beneficial for you to surrounding yourself with other people that have like minded ideas of happiness and their own positive outlook on situations.  It always helps even when you get down, having those sort of friends or family around help pick your right back up in no time.  I’m telling you, TELLING you from experience, it doesn’t help keeping negative company.  It only DRAGSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS YOU DOWN!
  • QUIT READING/WATCHING NEGATIVE SOCIAL MEDIA!!!  I swear if anything makes crazy traffic online it’s always about something insane and negative happening in this world.  It is ABSOLUTELY one of my peeves to see news get broadcast and plastered that have nothing beneficial for people.  How do people even stay remotely positive with being ANGRY and one side or another?  It drives me nuts, and that’s why I DON’T WATCH THE NEWS.  SO this will be the only the only good time to being a vampire… they don’t watch the news.  They have vampire things to do. 😀



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